Fair Use, Copyright, and Other Regulatory Questions in an Era of Spreadability

A range of pieces about fair use, copyright, and other regulatory issues have drawn on concepts from Spreadable Media. We recommend you check out this work:

  • In Beatrice Zuell’s 2014 piece “The Vision of Global Internet Freedom” in The International Journal of Computers and Communications, she begins her piece on “striking the balance between regulation and protection of interests” with a quote from Spreadable Media about the opportunity for change and “for diversity and democratization” that is “worth fighting.”
  • Olivia Conti’s 2013 M/C Journal piece, “Disciplining the Vernacular: Fair Use, YouTube, and Remixer Agency,” references Spreadable Media’s consideration of alternative, non-market forms of value that audiences receive from “user-generated content platforms,” as well as its consideration of how YouTube’s policies regarding copyright infringement give unbalanced power to “the largest rights holders.”
  • In his 2013 Flow piece, “Prisoners of Permission: Advancing the Cause of Fair Use,” the University of Oklahoma’s Ralph Beliveau draws on Spreadable Media’s case study of AMC’s reaction to fan-created Twitter accounts to raise questions about how fans provide meaning and value to media texts.
  • In his Master’s thesis work for the 2012/2013 European Legal Informatics Study Program at Leibniz Universiät Hannover’s Institut für Rechtsinformatik, entitled “Copyright Protection of Formats in the European Single Market,” Maximilian von Grafenstein draws heavily on Spreadable Media to help set up the issues of copyright “between culture industry and participatory aka. remix culture” and examine the shift “from television to transmedia formats.”
  • And…to carry out a theme in Spreadable MediaThe Pirate Bay.