Spreadability and Writing/Publishing

Some interesting provocations and research projects have been published in the past several months about changes in the publishing industry and/or in writing, in relation to concepts from Spreadable Media. Check out some of the work below:

  • Lucy Montgomery and Frances Pinter from Knowledge Unlatched published a piece back in January on “Data Innovation and Open Access” at the Big Innovation Centre, using Spreadable Media and other works to help set the stage for an environment where publishers are more open to new publishing schemes.
  • At the June 2013 Bled, Slovenia, eConference, eInnovations: Challenges and Impacts for Individuals, Organizations and Society, the University of Maribor’s Andrej Duh and Dean Korošak presented “Reshaping Knowledge Tools Using Social Media Solutions.” Their work, while using Spreadable Media to help establish the current landscape, goes in a different direction as Spreadable Media’s focus: looking at technological ways for publishers to create new algorithms and systems to use data streams for more personalized content recommendations.
  • Writer Chris Meade uses Spreadable Media, among other pieces, as a catalyst for exploring potential futures for fiction writing.
  • In his piece for The European, Gunnar Sohn writes about the difference in pricing ebooks between the U.S. and Germany, using Spreadable Media’s ebook as the U.S. example. Also, here is the piece in German on his site and on Netzpiloten.