Ted Lehmann reviews Spreadable Media

“New media moves from being ‘sticky’ to being ‘spreadable.’ It welcomes new audiences in strange and wonderful ways that both intrigue us and frighten us as we begin to learn how we ourselves are empowered even in the course of being overwhelmed. Such is the world that Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture by Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford & Joshua Green describes and seeks to explain in a challenging and important new book.

In line with living with the creature they have described, the authors also are maintaining an invaluable web site. The web site is filled with blogs, essays, and other material about this forthcoming book, serving at once to demonstrate the book’s thesis while giving the authors a forum and the world of creative information consumers and producers a platform on which they may comment and elaborate upon the book’s thesis. In short, it’s best to read the book with some sort of computer by your side…

The combination of the book and web site make the contents of each fully accessible to a wide variety of media creators, consumers, adapters, and archivists thus increasing the utility of each.”

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