Spreadable Media Mentions: February Wrap-Up

  • Henry Jenkins recently spoke at the O’Reilly Tools for Change conference, where he was in conversation with Cory Doctorow and Brian David Johnson about content circulation, viral media, and steampunk.
  • PR News published an excerpt from Chapter 5 of Spreadable Media in their lovely weekly newsletter for subscribers—thanks, PR News!
  • Jason Mittell wrote about one of his students becoming an example of “spreadability.” (You can also read Jason’s Spreadable Media essay here.)
  • A YouTube video on Spreadable Media by a student at Curtin University went live.
  • The Bowling Green Daily News of Kentucky ran a piece based on WKU’s announcement about the book.
  • Another piece in Portuguese about the book on a Brazilian blog! Sweet.
  • Peppercomm’s “PRiscope” mentioned the book.