Spreadable Media Authors on the Road and in the News

What have Spreadable Media’s co-authors been up to of late?
  • In October, co-author Sam Ford joined CafePress VP of Digital Strategy Jason Falls and Word of Mouth Marketing Association President Suzanne Fanning  in a Social Media Today webinar discussion moderated by Shelby County Schools (Memphis, TN) Chief Communications Officer Emily Yellin  entitled “Spreadable Media: How to Make Word of Mouth Work for You.” The audio archive and slides are available here, while a recap of some of the Twitter activity during the Webinar is available here from Suzie McCarthy.
  • Co-author Henry Jenkins was interviewed for a New York Magazine story by Katie Van Syckle on the popularity of Grumpy Cat, where Henry notes that, “If the culture is going to be snarky, you need images that communicate snakiness.
  • Co-author Sam Ford led a masterclass session about Spreadable Media via Skype for the National University of Tres de Febrero NEOTVLab’s VI International Summit on Nov. 1 in Buenos Aires.
  • Ford was on WKYU-PBS’s Kentucky OUTLOOK in September 2013 to discuss Spreadable Media and the implications of living in an era with greater freedom to share content, on the one hand, but also great concerns about privacy in an era of “Big Data” with host Barbara Deeb.
  • He also wrote a January 2014 piece for NYU Press’ From the Square on “Embracing Spreadability in Academic Publishing,” focused both on learnings from Spreadable Media, as well as his participation in the 2013 conference of the American Association of University Presses.
  • Dawn C. Chimielewski with The Los Angeles Times quotes co-author Sam Ford about the logic behind Netflix’s creation of various new series and mini-series as part of the Marvel comics film and television story world.
  • Ford was a guest in September on Len Edgerly’s The Kindle Chronicles podcast, talking both about concepts from Spreadable Media and the book project itself. Elsewhere, Eolake Stobblehouse writes about his main takeaways from the podcast.
  • He also took part in an online video discussion with University of Oregon visiting scholar Helen De Michiel’s Fall 2013 Mass Media & Society “Participatory Media and Social Practice” class for the School of Journalism and Communication. The class posted a video of the class discussion here.
  • Chris Fleischer with Valley News in Lebanon, New Hampshire, includes comments from Sam Ford in their article about a popular online music video featuring patients from the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth, discussing ethical considerations that are raised when content starts to spread widely online.
  • Ford also led sessions for the presidents of the member schools of the Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities in November and the Luxury Marketing Council in December about Spreadable Media.