Interesting Student Projects in Response to Spreadable Media

Some uses of Spreadable Media in the classroom has generated interesting work from students in response. Below, we highlight three of those projects:

  • Diane Daly’s University of Arizona course on Collaborating in Online Communities has created a Spreadable Media study guide/companion.
  • To demonstrate their mastery of the concepts in Melanie Kohnen’s Spring 2014 “Intro to Digital Media” class at NYU, students Alinah Zamir, Ella Ribas, and Da Suel Kim presented their understanding and thinking via the creation of a website for their “hybrid-marketing agency,” DigitaliaSpreadable Media was one of the texts for their class, and they draw on the book in various places for the material they present on the site.
  • Students in Prof. Shayla Thiel Stern’s New Media & Culture Class in Spring 2014 did a frame-by-frame remake of the “Makmende” video used as a case study in Spreadable Media and, in particular, in Ethan Zuckerman’s essay for the project.