Media Round-Up: Reviews and an Interview with Henry Jenkins

  • Karen Fratti calls Spreadable Media “required reading for the digital newsroom” in her recent article.
  • Publishers Weekly reviews Spreadable Media.
  • Reviewers T. Sales and Robert Morris have posted thoughtful reviews of the book on Morris’ review also appears at his blog.
  • Bloggers Brian Belen and Nicolle Lamerichs have also penned reviews of Spreadable Media.
  • Henry Jenkins speaks about youth civic engagement, Moby-Dick and prisoners, and fandoms in his conversation with the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub of the MacArthur Foundation.
  • Here’s a Tumblr recommendation for Spreadable Media in Greek from George Apostolopoulos.
  • A zebra and a giraffe walk into a bar…and talk Spreadable Media? Here’s a student video about the book.
  • Check out Helen Keegan’s podcast with Coventry University, referring to the book.