Late June/Early July Spreadable Media Updates

  • Co-author Henry Jenkins provides TIME‘s Lily Rothman with preview remarks from a forthcoming Cinema Journal roundtable about the Spreadable Media, for this article on Kindle Worlds.
  • Meanwhile, on his Kindle Chronicles podcast, Len Edgerly writes about how Kindle Worlds might impact the analysis of Spreadable Media and particularly its look at the relationship between fandoms and media properties.
  • Roy Christopher talks with danah boyd and others about their Summer Reading List. Among danah’s top choices? Spreadable Media.
  • Birgit Horvath-Muck also includes Spreadable Media among her “Non-Fiction Discoveries” at “The Book Garden.”
  • Carlos Scolari writes a follow-up blog post considering more takeaways from Spreadable Media (in Spanish).
  • Also, see this recent review of Spreadable Media (in Japanese).
  • Tama Leaver’s latest research on “Angry Birds as a Social Network Market” draws on Spreadable Media.
  • Agnès Jiyoung Yun at the Organic Media Lab writes (in Korean) about why Amazon is “social media,” both drawing on some concepts covered in Spreadable Media and also demonstrating how Amazon connected feedback from other customers into the purchase process.
  • Dave Vineberg references Henry Jenkins and the “spreadable media” argument in a piece about the obsession with discovering new status symbols and its ties to commercial culture, in this piece on the Madame Pickwick art blog.
  • Amazon customer reviewer Iain writes of Spreadable Media that, “for Media Studies teachers in  particular, this book will not disappoint.”
  • Novelist Kate Pullinger also recently used Spreadable Media during her keynote at the Brave New World conference organized by the Australian Association for the Teaching of English (AATE) and Australian Literacy Educators’ Association (ALEA) on Saturday, July 6.
  • Novelist Kate Pullinger presenting at Brave New World 2013. Photo by Jon Callow.